GleamEyesLuxray (gleameyesluxray) wrote in animal_xing_3ds,

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Kiki's Delivery Service Outfit + Halloween/Food/Pokemon QR Codes Request

Animal Crossing: New Leaf meets Kiki's Delivery Service!


If anyone finds Halloween- or food-themed QR codes, can you please post it? My house and town are going to be mostly these themes so I'm looking for stuff like Jack'o'Lanterns, black cats (can be Gigi from Kiki's Delivery Service!), candy corn, chocolate, cookies, etc. I'll probably make a few of my own but I'm interested in seeing what other players come up with too :3

I'm also looking for Pokemon QR codes of Luxray, Piplup, Oshawott, and Scraggy ^^

Edit: You can't scan codes until you become friends with Sable at The Able Sisters!
Tags: codes
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