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Animal Crossing 3DS

New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival

Animal Crossing Community
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Welcome to animal_xing_3ds, the first, friendliest, and most comprehensive Animal Crossing: New Leaf community on LiveJournal with all the news, guides, and fun in one place!

Thanks to everyone for supporting animal_xing_3ds for nearly four years!
All About Trading Amiibo Cards + Amiibo Figures!
All About Hosting Your Own Contests and Events!
Search any of our tags or links below to quickly find what you're looking for :3

Don't know about Animal Crossing? Check out these official videos from Nintendo!
Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tourism Trailer
Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tourism Trailer #2
Nintendo 3DS -- Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tourism Trailer #3
Animal Crossing is a multi-best-selling series of real-time simulation games in which you can experience night and day, seasons, and holidays with animal characters and fellow players all year-round!

Community Rules

This community is for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and upcoming AC games, NOT AC games released prior to New Leaf, therefore your post must be related to ACNL, ACHHD, ACAF, or upcoming AC news with anything unrelated to it under a cut. If you're not sure if your entry is on-topic, take a look at our tags listed below.

Please be careful not to spam the community. Off-topic, improperly cut, advertising personal sales or other communities (including offering AC items for real money) without written community owner approval, whiny, and offensive posts and comments, as well as excessive posts in which you post more than five times in a 24-hour period, may be deleted with or without warning to ensure this stays a quality community.

Please use cuts (click here to see how) for the following content so we don't throttle internet connections or spam people who don't want to see this kind of info:
very long posts of any kind, such as long wishlists
My New Leaf entries (see K.K. Slider below for details)
spoiler images and details (when in doubt, just use a cut)
images larger than 700 x 700 pixels (if it goes past the white border on the main community page, use a cut)
more than three images in a post
more than one video in a post
more than a combination of two images and a video in a post
anything unrelated to AC (but the main topic of your post must be related to AC)

Please use proper grammar and spelling so everyone can enjoy the conversations in this community (but we understand if English is not your first language), and do not change the font size or color of your posts.

Please use tags to make searching for info in the community faster; it's easy, just use the tags listed below when you're making a new community entry. The mods will not always add tags for you if you forget, so if you want more people to see your posts, use tags.

Please be kind and courteous to everyone in- and out-of-game -- we're all here to have fun and relax. The mods have lives outside of this community and will not waste time on rule-breakers; it is YOUR responsibility to follow the rules, we just enforce them. Grounds for getting banned include any three instances or one serious instance of bashing, trolling, whining, rudeness, racism, sexism, posting porn in the comm, messing with someone else's town, repeated advertising attempts of personal sales or other communities (including offering AC items for real money) without written community owner approval, ban-hopping, pestering an adult who does not reply or play with you because of your age, repeated rule-breaking, and generally causing drama. Please be aware that this is a community of mostly adults so maturity is a requirement of every member; adult language and screenshots of suggestive content are allowed but immature actions and entitled whining are not. Please PM a mod if you see something that should be deleted or repeatedly have problems with a particular member; DO NOT post about the problem in the community or it will be deleted because it will only push members away and exacerbate the situation (see Banned Players for more details).

Every member is welcome to start their own My New Leaf journal, where you chronicle your very own ACNL adventure! Post images and videos of your game or simply tell us about your experiences, just follow these simple steps:
1) Input your pics/videos/text under a cut; you can also simply link to your ACNL blog/Tumblr/etc.
2) Use the "my new leaf" tag so we know what your post is
3) Choose to make your New Leaf journal entries open to all or for members only, just keep in mind our comm shows up in search engines so people outside the comm may see and even take your content if it's not members-only.

Community Resources

Guides Master List
Complete Up-To-Date Campsite/DLC/Holiday/Igloo/Island/Region/Streetpass-Exclusives for JP/KR/NA/EU/AU
How To Make LOTS of Bells Fast in Animal Crossing: New Leaf & Win the Next Tournament Too

Members-Only Friend Codes Master List
Animal Crossing Plaza and Members-Only Nintendo Network ID Exchange
Banned Players
Community-Wide Dream Villagers Wishlist
Official Island Items Exchange Group
Fossils Exchange List
Nintendo's Official Animal Crossing: New Leaf Town Dream Codes:
0000-0100-0017 (JP) / 5700 – 2038 – 6151 (NA) / 7900-2106-3477 (AU)

More Nintendo and notable Dream Codes from around the world!

Search Tags
(Click these to quickly find what you're looking for;
when you're making a new entry, list any of the following in the "tags" section at the bottom if they apply)

amiibo - trade amiibo cards and amiibo figures, see official rules here
codes - friend codes, dream codes, QR codes (do not use images tag)
contests - official Nintendo and member prize contests, solo/multiplayer high score screenshots of island tours (don't post a contest for an island tour if a contest for it already exists), see about hosting your own contest or event here!
events - official Wi-Fi/store events, DLC, in-game holidays, official or unofficial conventions, see about hosting your own contest or event here!
guides - text and video walkthroughs, FAQs, exploits
icons - ACNL LJ icons for all to use (do not use images tag)
items - request, trade, or give away items ONLY (use questions tag for questions about items), LINK YOUR TIME ZONE
images - ALL other art, screenshots, and gifs that are NOT QR codes, icons, my new leaf entries, or screenshot of the week
merchandise - toys, plush, and other ACNL-related merch
modpost - community announcements by the moderators
my new leaf - chronicle your very own ACNL journey (do not use images tag)
news - general AC news and announcements
open gates - invite players to your town, request to visit another town, can set ground rules, LINK YOUR TIME ZONE, check Banned Players first
pre-order - release dates, where to pre-order merch, pre-order bonuses and discounts
quotes - screenshots and stories about crazy things the animals say
questions - all questions, ACNL polls, and new member intros
Re-tail premiums - open your gate when your Re-Tail offers double Bells for high-value items (the sign next to Re-Tail lists 1-6 premium items every day), can charge a modest entrance fee, ONLY use this tag if your town has premiums OTHERWISE use "open gates" if you're looking to sell items, LINK YOUR TIME ZONE (can also use open gates tag)
screenshot of the week - submissions, polls, SotW winners, see SotW rules
town tunes - share town tunes notes
turnip spike - open your gate when your Re-Tail buys turnips for 200+ Bells, can charge a modest entrance fee, ONLY use this tag if your town has a turnip spike OTHERWISE use "open gates" if you're looking to sell turnips, LINK YOUR TIME ZONE (can also use open gates tag)
videos - official and user videos
villager swap - when a villager's moving out of your town, others can talk to that villagers so s/he may move into their town, LINK YOUR TIME ZONE (can also use open gates tag)
wishlists - find someone to trade with by keeping ONE permanent post with your friend code, TIME ZONE, and item requests/offers, INCLUDE THE DATE you last updated your wishlist (can also use codes, items, open gates tags) see here for an example wishlist

Helpful Links

Animal-Crossing.com/NewLeaf - Official NA ACNL site
Official Nintendo YouTube Channel - English ACNL videos
AnimalCrossing - Official NA ACNL Twitter
NintendoAmerica - Official NA Nintendo Twitter
Nintendo.co.uk - Official EU ACNL site
AC_Isabelle - Official EU Nintendo Twitter
Nintendo.com.au - Official AU ACNL site
とびだせどうぶつの森 (Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori) - Official JP ACNL site
twitter.com/doubutsuno_mori - Official JP ACNL Twitter
MoriDB - AC item database with pics
AC/WW/CF/NL Real-Time Soundtrack - AC music that changes every hour just like the game!
World Clock - Useful for meet-ups with international players
Nintendo_World - Official Nintendo World Store (NYC) Twitter

Optional New Member Intro Questionnaire
(Feel free to post all or some of these answers to the community using a cut and the "questions" tag)

Name, Age, Gender, Country:

Friend Code, Name @ Town:

First AC Game:

Favorite AC Game:

Preferred House Location:

Favorite Characters:

Dream Villagers:

Favorite AC Holiday:

Favorite Activity:

Favorite Furniture:

Favorite Clothes:

Real-Time Player or Time Traveler:

Other interests/hobbies:

Meet the Mods

In-game, gleameyesluxray resides in a beach house in Lux Bay surrounded by perfect orange trees. She plays in real-time and is most often shopping, fishing, and catching bugs to complete her museum and Nooklings catalog. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and her favorite villagers are Tangy, Gaston (aka Pringle Bunny Man), Octavian, Blathers, and Celeste. Out-of-game, she likes playing video and tabletop games (especially Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter), reading, Geocaching, traveling worldwide, riding road/mountain bicycles and sport motorcycles, and hiking/swimming/rock-climbing/outdoor activities. Play/trade with me!

3kame ~ I'm new to the Animal Crossing world, but I can tell I will be a fan for a long time. My town is named after the Sherwood forest from Robin Hood. Before I knew about the ultra landscapping that's popular, I wanted a forest town. I'm glad I stuck with it now, since my town is rustic and interesting. Oranges are native here and we enjoy Cranky and Smug villagers (and our coffee shop). 3kame also likes turtles, Pokemon, and reading.

kattgrrl ~ I'm one of the older Animal Crossers. I got hooked on Wild World and am loving the 3D version of the game. My town is named after my favorite city in the world, Galway. I created four characters in my town - simply because I need more rooms to decorate! There are so many cool items and characters in this new game :)