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Petition Help Please :3

Hello!  Would someone kindly open their gates for me to get a petition signed?  I'll be available today from 11:20am - 12:30pm EST, then again from 10pm - midnight EST.

Let me know if you want anything in return.  Thanks in advance!

Laputa Gates CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who came over! Sorry I wasn't chatty. Having a bit of a weird day.

Gates are Open for Naughty-or-Nice day! Isabelle is at the plaza, make sure you pop by and say hello to her. There's also a cute photo board there. It's an EU specific holiday so if you haven't experienced it come on by!

Chai's RV is also in town today if you'd like anything from her. It's also Kyle's birthday today. Reese is buying turnips for 119 bells.

I'm semi-AFDS as I read but I am next to my DS so I will probably say hi :) Please don't run in my town but do feel free to shop all you want.

Gates may be closed for a couple hours later but I'll make sure I reopen them so just keep an eye out for them.


Petition help

Is anyone able to let me swing by to grab a couple signatures for a petition, please?


Gates now closed

Gates now closed.

Gates are open until this evening/tonight sometime. Feel free to stop by to talk with my villagers, shop in the stores, fish, catch bugs, etc.

Here's my info:
3DS Friend Code: 2466-2304-0353
New Dream Code: 4D00-000F-70F7
Town Name: Hogwarts
Mayor name: Harry
Native Fruit: Oranges

Re-Tail is buying sea-snail shells and elegant mushrooms at a premium, so maybe pick up some things around your town before you swing by. There are also some fortune cookie items free for taking in the event plaza.

I will be AFDS for the most part, but feel free to leave me a note on the message board if you stopped by.

Town Rules:
1. Please no running!
2. Do not take any flowers, but fruit is free for the taking.
3. Please don't mess with any trees or bushes (besides fruit gathering). Also, please don't weed; I'm saving them so Leif will stop by.


Welcome to Burshire

Her Worship is a busy soul, what with visiting and learning from other municipalities and rezoning a piece of land on the East side of Burshire to make room for Harv's RV camp.

Even on a day like today, the Harvest Festival, which should have been carefree and relaxing, Her Worship was busting her butt helping Franklin prepare a four course meal. Of course it would have helped if Isabelle had reminded Her Worship to stock up on some of the different fish around town before today, but sometimes even the most diligent of assistants drop the ball now and then!

Paula in boxes!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Gally @ Lux Bay ~ FriendCode/TimeZone/Wishlist/Offers ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Paul the normal bear is ready to depart from Lux Bay! If anyone would like her please comment before 10:30pm EST ^_^

I got her to move by scanning an amiibo card -- in this case, Francine, a dreamy who unexpectedly moved out of my town last year. I requested Francine to move back, so she asked me if I'd like Paula to move out. I said yes, and BOOM, she was immediately in boxes. This is so much faster than the 16 villager cycling or whatever players had to do before the amiibo update! :D As soon as I get Ankha to gimme her photo, I can let someone else have her and scan Tangy's card, another dreamy who also unexpectedly moved.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Gally @ Lux Bay ~ FriendCode/TimeZone/Wishlist/Offers ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Does anyone have a couple minutes to open their gates for me so I can get a petition signed? I'll be around till 11:30pm EST. Thanks in advance!



Burshire's New Dream Address

I finally got around to setting this up after the update. What's your new dream address?

Flower Power!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Gally @ Lux Bay ~ FriendCode/TimeZone/Wishlist/Offers ヽ(´▽`)ノ

If anyone has any Jacob's Ladders, Gold Roses, or Black Roses to spare, please let me know! Willing to trade and/or pay generously, just take a look at my offers! I'll be around till about 11pm EST, just comment and I'll open my gate. Feel free to visit my campsite too, I'm scanning my Isabelle amiibo figure tonight so hopefully others can order from her RV too :D I've noticed there are different editions of the in-game 3DS system furniture that let's you play the Puzzle game, so Isabelle will have the 3DS with the Isabelle-edition plate on it!

LF 3 Gold Roses + Many Jacob's Ladders

Edit: I'm doing some landscaping in my town.  Does anyone have 3 gold roses to spare?  Lmk what you'd like in return :3 Got the roses, still looking for jacob's ladders!

I'm also looking for a ton of jacob's ladders if someone is feeling generous.  I have quite a few already and I'm still maintaining perfect town status, but they don't seem to breed with each other and I haven't seen a new one grow in a very long time.  Any tips on how to get more?  Also willing to compensate generously for these!