Miss Antisocial (sablecurse) wrote in animal_xing_3ds,
Miss Antisocial

Gates now closed

Gates now closed.

Gates are open until this evening/tonight sometime. Feel free to stop by to talk with my villagers, shop in the stores, fish, catch bugs, etc.

Here's my info:
3DS Friend Code: 2466-2304-0353
New Dream Code: 4D00-000F-70F7
Town Name: Hogwarts
Mayor name: Harry
Native Fruit: Oranges

Re-Tail is buying sea-snail shells and elegant mushrooms at a premium, so maybe pick up some things around your town before you swing by. There are also some fortune cookie items free for taking in the event plaza.

I will be AFDS for the most part, but feel free to leave me a note on the message board if you stopped by.

Town Rules:
1. Please no running!
2. Do not take any flowers, but fruit is free for the taking.
3. Please don't mess with any trees or bushes (besides fruit gathering). Also, please don't weed; I'm saving them so Leif will stop by.
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