Tash (cuelight) wrote in animal_xing_3ds,

Laputa Gates CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who came over! Sorry I wasn't chatty. Having a bit of a weird day.

Gates are Open for Naughty-or-Nice day! Isabelle is at the plaza, make sure you pop by and say hello to her. There's also a cute photo board there. It's an EU specific holiday so if you haven't experienced it come on by!

Chai's RV is also in town today if you'd like anything from her. It's also Kyle's birthday today. Reese is buying turnips for 119 bells.

I'm semi-AFDS as I read but I am next to my DS so I will probably say hi :) Please don't run in my town but do feel free to shop all you want.

Gates may be closed for a couple hours later but I'll make sure I reopen them so just keep an eye out for them.
Tags: open gates
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